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Let the Mosquito Busters protect you and your loved ones by applying a barrier of protection around your entire yard.

How we do it:

One of our certified technicians will walk your property with you and will make suggestions regarding what kind of treatment we recommend.  Then, we can either schedule a time to come back or proceed with suggested treatment. Our technicians are all licensed and insured, as well as background checked.

We use a very simple water/solution mixture and it’s applied with a back pack sprayer – which puts out a fine mist. This allows us to get into many places that other solutions and applications can’t!

We provide pricing for all sizes of property  ranging from $69-$139** CLICK HERE TO SEE PRICES

Our solutions:

Our treatments include either our *Organic or *Non-Organic solutions – depending on the level of control needed.  Then, approximately every 21 – 28 days we will visit your outdoor space and re-apply a treatment to the designated area. This is billed as a recurring service. We don’t require any long term contracts. However we do offer Season Packages which give you the maximum discount available.  All packages and single applications can be scheduled and paid for online prior to service.

Our Mosquito Barrier Spray Treatment Program is simple and effective  –  We. Kill. Mosquitoes!

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We now offer an Annual Seasonal Package. This service can include our Organic or Non-Organic mixture, or a combination of the two, depending on your specific needs. We have annual prices starting from $599.

Do you have a property larger than an acre? Give us a call. We’re always happy to give you a personal quote.



Benefits of a Season Pass:

  1. Greater Savings : Save money over single/monthly applications.
  2. On Demand Spot Sprays: If you start to see a few mosquitoes in between sprays, just call us. It’s FREE!
  3. 48 Hour Request Service: Need us? Call us and we will fit you in within a 48 hour window ( weather permitting of course)
  4. Scheduling: We’ll schedule your appointments for the entire season and provide a reminder call, email or text 24 hours prior to your appointment. No last minutes scheduling. ( We will even send you a complimentary calendar to help you remember)
  5. Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. We work hard to provide 80% to 90% elimination of your mosquitoes. (No one can eliminate 100% – but we promise, we will do our best to try!)

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This application is similar to our standard application, but on a one time basis for a larger venue.

This package is perfect for any outdoor event such as Weddings,  B-B-Q’s, Birthdays, Graduations, Reunions, Fourth of July, Parties, etc.  Prices range from  $129-$189 depending on venue size.

We suggest that this application be applied at least 24 hours prior to event for best results. This service can include our Organic or Non-Organic solution, or a combination of the two, depending on your specific need.




Let us help deliver more value to your customers.  Just imagine your customers sitting out on the patio enjoying dinner without being pestered by Mosquitoes, sitting at a ball field on the bleachers without getting bit, or being able to send your day care children home without being covered with itchy mosquito bites.  At Mosquito Minus Utah we can make it a reality!

Our Mosquito Barrier Spray Treatment ensures that your outdoor environment will be Mosquito free for continued enjoyment and safety. Our unique spray  solution kills mosquitoes and their eggs for weeks and


Call us today  at 801-896-7936 for a Quote or fill out the request form below and we will contact you!

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Give the Gift of a Mosquito FREE Yard next year summer!










It’s Simple:  Gift Certificates can be purchased in $25 increments, just click the number of certificates ( $25 at a time) until you get to your desired amount, and check out!  Once payment has been processed you will receive an email with a download link and you will be able to print the gift certificate at your convenience.   If you’d like to purchase one over the phone, please call us at 801-896-7936.

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*Organic solutions are all made of essential oils.  Non-organic solutions are synthetic versions of different organic oils. All solutions are safe for children and pets and are food grade.  For specifics, please feel free to call for more details.

**Price Ranges are based on property size from 1/8 acre up to 1 acre.  If you have over an acre – please call for a custom quote.

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