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We. Kill. Mosquitoes!

The Mosquito Busters use the most advanced Mosquito Elimination products available today, and by using the Mosquito Busters proprietary blend, we are able to control all the stages of a mosquito.  All of our services  repel Mosquitoes along with destroying the eggs that become adult mosquitoes. It is also effective on Ticks, Fleas, and Gnats!

We aren’t like all the others… We specialize in mosquitoes! 

Unlike a lot of other pest control companies, who treat for a lot of other creepy, crawly bugs and just spray for mosquitoes as an afterthought  –  we don’t! It’s safe to say that we eat, sleep and breathe mosquitoes!

Luckily,  because our chemicals don’t like other bugs either – they help keep you clear of gnats, fleas, ticks, box elder bugs and a host of others! (We are happy to provide a full list upon request)

Mosquito Mike and the Mosquito Busters:

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What we do:

A certified trained technician will treat your outdoor space with an effective barrier spray that eliminates those pesky insects for 21-28 days. Unlike other companies who use a dry fog – we use a water solution in a backpack sprayer that allows us to target trees, shrubs, and plants and grasses where mosquitoes like to hide and lay their eggs.  Twenty to thirty minutes after the barrier spray is completed you will be able to enjoy your yard.

What we spray:

Our unique spray formulas kills mosquitoes and their eggs for weeks and leaves no lingering odor or chemical residue.

We have both organic and non organic solutions available.  If you choose the organic solution – it will leave your yard smelling fresh and minty for around an hour, but after that – there is no smell!  Both Organic and Non-organic solutions ensures that your outdoor environment will be Mosquito free for continued enjoyment and safety. All solutions are animal and child friendly, as long as contact happens after solutions have dried completely.

What to know and do before we spray:

  • Make sure that animals are inside
  • Toys are cleaned up.
  • Don’t water your yard for at least 24 hours prior to,  and after our application.
  • Allow technician access to your yard.
  • You don’t have to be present when we spray.
  • After the treatment is completed, we will give you the “all clear” to enjoy your yard!

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